Saturday I have to take pictures of this girl’s wedding.

I am legitimately thoroughly terrified I am going to manage to not get good pictures and on one hand, that makes me feel bad because she’s paying me. But on the other, I gave her PLENTY of chances and outright suggestions she get an actual photographer and not just a girl who can take half way decent shots of non-human things with a sweet Canon camera, and she insisted. Even though we’re pretty well acquainted.


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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on the sudden spike in upcoming "photographers"?

I always thought the sudden spike happened a long time ago, back on myspace. Which gave everyone super easy access to sharing their pictures and attempting to get their name out. Sort of like how during that time a LOT of random bands had like one or two good songs and you’ve never heard from them since. My thoughts are that as long as there is easier/cheaper access to cameras and memory (as in, you’re a lot more careful when you have a limited number of shots on a roll with virtually no way to see them until they’re developed - like the older cameras), and the extremely easy way to share them with everyone (social networking sites, because really? Most hobbyist photographers/”photographers” don’t heavily use Flickr or anything like that), they’ll be around. So then if you’re trying to make it as a photographer, not only do you have to put more effort into getting your name out - because there’re probably already a handful of established people in your area, you have to make your pictures stand out from everyone else’s even more. So if you’re decent, you can get some clientele; if you’re actually good, you’ll start taking everyone else’s.

Because I’m always the one behind the camera, I don’t have to worry about goofy ass pictures of me ending up online.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Was actually a pretty good day overall.

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